The Work Shop

The Work Shop


High quality solutions is what we aim to provide at Crest Carpentry. Whether that is in the form of millwork, furniture or cabinetry, we can provide custom pieces for a variety of situations that demand a fresh approach.

We build handcrafted wooden furniture for designers, builders and architects to better help them achieve the desired look for their customers in the exact size the space dictates. These are all custom made from he ground up for the client who may dictate materials, design and finish.

We also produce made to order kitchens cabinets that feature high quality materials, hardware and finishes to compliment beautiful designs, tailored to the client and the home.

To our fellow crafts people in the Salt Lake area, we are always happy to help if outsourcing complicated woodworking projects allows you the extra time to focus on your specialty trade or craft. We are so proud of the relationships we have cultivated with the talented people working in this industry here locally in SLC, Utah

Established in 2015 but working in the trades since 2005, we have a broad knowledge of building practices and how the trades and materials relate. This is a critical component in many of the projects we undertake and helps with smoother and more accurate installs.

Our priorities beyond delivering a quality product are communication, cleanliness and thoughtful action. This creates a safe and enjoyable work place, less damage and a better understanding of the process. We think this is better for everyone involved we pride ourselves on it.